Allen Pierce


Financial Statement Audit

The rules of business have changed, but the fundamentals haven’t. Get the right audit for your financial statement.

Income Tax Preparation

Tax software leaving you with more questions than answers? You need the right professional, and we’re here to help.

Compilation of Financial Statements

No need for an audit or review? Get your statements in line with the assistance of a professional.

Review of Financial Statements

An audit is not always necessary; a financial statement review may be all you need for your business.

Agreed-Upon Procedures

We can form the agreed-upon procedures engagement to get your investments rolling.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is an important component for your overall financial plan.


Our commitment to quality cannot be overemphasized.  As members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, our firm is subject to the peer review requirements established to monitor a firm’s practice and promote quality within the profession.  We take our system of quality control seriously and we are proud of the work the we do; our recent PEER REVIEW supports this.

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  • We provide innovative solutions to individual client’s needs.
  • Your financial information and affairs are handled with absolute confidentiality under the highest standards of accountancy.
  • We value your business and will work together as a team to provide you with the best service at the least cost available.
  • We focused on small to mid-size business.
  • CPA Firm serving Fayetteville AR and the surrounding areas.